England travel guide




England Travel Guide

When to go to England

Depending of what type of activity you are planning to do during your stay, England has a very varied climate and it is imprecise to know how will be the weather in the next days after today. But if it does not matter, you can go to England at any month of the year, but is recommended to bring an umbrella and a waterproof jacket, especially in London.

The climate is not very hot during summer but you can enjoy the beaches. The best months to travel to England are the months of April, May, September and October, because the flights are cheapest, most places are less crowded at this time and there are less tourist. However, the most recommendable month to travel is in September the climate is very nice and less crowded of tourist.

The weather in England is quite unpredictable, but it's better in summer. If you will travel to England in summer, we recommend the north coast of England. Norfolk county is a fantastic place to relax specially in summer season. You can visit towns like Norwich or the seaside town of Cromer and his Pier. You can check the Cromer webcam from the Clifton Ville Hotel. Other recommended attractions in England could be Cambridge and Oxford, the amazing Dover Castle or small villages like Canterbury, Bath or St. Albans, and of course popular destinations like London, Manchester or Liverpool who can visited all year seasons.

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