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England actually has roads in very good quality, an excellent motorway system and the surfaces are well maintained in most areas. British roads are actually the safest in the EU even though they can be very busy at peak times. You have to be careful parking in England is almost impossible to find.

To drive in England, you can use your own driving license or an international driving permit maybe used. For EU Drivers, the car must have registration papers and a nationality plate, and the driver must have insurance. Also is permitted the U.S. driver license but driver must be 23 years old and have had the license for more than a year.

Driving in England you must drive on the left side of the road and overtake on the right. All traffic signs are of the international standards, for any doubts get a copy of the Highway Code that contains road regulations.

Driving drunk has several penalties in England, the maximum blood alcohol limit is 80mg to 100ml of blood even if have had several hours sleep.

Having insurance is highly recommended if you're going to drive yourself.

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