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England Travel Guide

England by Air

It is not usually to transport by air in England, but to reach fast any city in the country there a huge range of destinations reached by the airlines that operates around England, most of them departure from London and covers all the main cities.

British Airways (tel. 800/AIRWAYS) flies to more than 20 cities outside London, including Manchester.

For passengers planning on visiting widely scattered destinations within the United Kingdom, perhaps with a side trip to a city on Europe's mainland, British Airways' Europe Airpass allows discounted travel in a continuous loop to between 3 and 12 cities anywhere on BA's European and domestic air routes.

BA's Europe Airpass must be booked and paid for at least 7 days before a passenger's departure from North America. All sectors of the itinerary, including transatlantic passage from North America, must be booked simultaneously. Some changes are permitted in flight dates (but not in destinations) after the ticket is issued. Check with British Airways for full details and restrictions.

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