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A ski resort is a center specifically implemented for practicing ski and other winter sports. Since the practice of these sports is very common in Europe, the resorts on this continent tend to be like small cities with all the necessary amenities like hotels, restaurants and shops; they also offer a variety of equipment, systems lifts and ski lessons for beginners. The European ski resorts are usually located near touristic towns and villages.

The ski schools do their training in areas previously defined, depending on the skill of the skier they can practice on small hills or go to the highest peaks of the place by gondolas or aerial trams for very long distances. Some resorts offer a variety of activities such as snowmobiling, sleigh rides, ice skating, indoor or outdoor swimming, game rooms, and other forms of entertainment like discos, cinemas, theaters and cabarets.

Although skiing is perceived as a dangerous sport because of where it is practiced and significant accidents that often occur, it is not a sport so deadly. However, the resorts, by way of prevention, have first aid center and patrol service to facilitate the rescue of injured skiers. This patrol not only gotten down to rescues, but also is responsible for enforcing the rules and checking the risks, closing races or preventing the entry of the skiers to high hazard areas. It is also important before skiing have a minimum fitness. To determine if so, you can get some values as your body weight, heart rate or know your BMR. To calculate BMR yourself, you can use online tools that help you calculate it.

Marinas in England

A marina is a dock with moorings and supplies for yachts and small boats. A marina differs from a port because it does not handle large passenger ships or cargo. A marina may be located along the banks of rivers, lakes or coastal ports, natural or artificial, either as support or facilities within a port complex.

Marinas offer various services such as fueling, washing and repair of ships, shops and restaurants. In addition, marinas may include ground facilities such as parking, boat trailers, parking facilities, among others. Picnic areas, pubs and clubs are usually included in contracts for long term rentals. Surfers who visit the marina have the right to use the facilities, frequently extending their visiting period.

In addition to the many services offered at marinas, there are varieties of shops that sell materials for the repair of vessels and other ships.

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