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Schools in England

In England, school education is compulsory from age 5 to 16 and if you want to access to a higher education, you must be 18 years old. Englandís education systems are made of private and state schools.

Many private and state schools are obliged to respect the national curriculum of Englandís educational program. Upon completion of compulsory education, students can continue their education by opting to follow the vocational careers that last two years and basically prepare for access to university studies.

Best school in england

England has one of the best school choices that ensure a proper learning.

Military schools

Military schools in England

The training and education of military officers are based on the weapons training techniques, art, and tactical maneuvers to offer security and protection services to the general public. The military schools offer you training schools with courses about weapons and military logistics as well as courses in military resource management. A military school has the mission to encourage students to join the military.

Law schools

Law schools in England

A lawyer is a trained professional who exercises his/her profession competitively and can perform in the free exercise of law efficiently. They must provide legal advice and analyze the laws.† Sometimes they perform diplomatic or consular functions. Look for the best law schools before you apply for one since it is a rigorous career and youíd want to know if your school has the best teachers as well as the best program for you.

Flight schools

Flight schools in England

The desire to fly has always been present in the humanity for centuries. Back then, aviation was a great challenge for men, and they had to overcome a series of obstacles to achieve it. Aviation is a career that few people enjoy, and it is worth the effort that is put into it.† Find the best flight schools and ask for information on flight instructors, private pilot training, pilot airline transport courses, etc; courses that will help you to deepen and develop a passion for aviation.

Pilot schools

Pilot schools in England

Is flying a dream for you? For those who want to become a pilot, you should know that it is a lengthy process and it requires you to have great dedication, passion, skills and vocation. Look for pilot schools and ask for information about private pilot training aircraft, commercial pilots and flight instructors. Also ask about training on night flying, instrument flying and many other areas of aviation.

Technical schools

Technical schools in England

The fundamental goal of a technical school is to improve the education sector by promoting professional careers as new alternative techniques are incorporated into the world of work. That is why the technical schools provide training tools and technical training in the areas of computing and telecommunications, automotive, construction. You can also find seminars, conventions, forums, and various software programs linked to technical training.

Boarding schools

Boarding schools in England

In England, you can find a variety of internships that provide residential services and accommodations including academic programs in mathematics, science, computer studies, art and music. Boarding schools focus on the development of personal education and these preparation courses are a valuable contribution to the education student, who at the same time experiences a taste of life in a boarding school.

Trade schools

Trade schools in England

The trade schools in England offer a valuable and wide range of schools that cover all levels. Some of the fields that you can work in are: culinary, business, healthcare, automotive repair, etc. A trade school gives students the opportunity to obtain academic credentials. They provide the necessary tools to develop your skills and find a job.

Massage schools

Massage schools in England

Massage schools in England impart various massage techniques; these techniques are oriented in the areas of health, sports, lifestyles, relaxation and aesthetics. Persons who wish to enter a massage school may find intensive massage courses of all kinds and you will practice exercises and techniques that will let you become a professional therapist.

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