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England Travel Guide

Moving to England

Nowadays, movers companies are required more frequently because the immigration is growing and some companies send new workers to different places around the world. So, knowing more about this service is very important.

Moving internationally is very difficult because we have to travel long distances to reach our destinations; but it is done better with the support of moving companies because they make easier the move and they are experts in the field, they will decide what to use such as cargo vans, containers, or wooden crates to transport your belongings.

The cost of moving varies according to the number of packages and the number of days that you store your possessions; it is advisable not to claim for the property during the trip because it would represent additional charges. There is another alternative that is bounds for the packages in order to reduce shipping costs.

It is important to know about the laws and customs that have some overlaps between the United States and England. So much so that Americans are comfortable as if it were their second home.

If your move requires a long travel, itís important to purchase a moving insurance; it ensures the safety of all your belongings if something unforeseen happens.


There are things you should do during your move, the first months after your property transfer, itís normal to feel homesickness. Alleviating the nostalgia is hard but it gets easier by knowing more about our new home and trying to adapt very quickly. Here we leave some recommendation for your consideration.

  • Having the phone numbers of public services is important. We must be prepared for certain circumstances.
  • It is advisable to make the move in any time except winter because there is snow and this make more tedious the transfer of your belongings; they also are exposed to damage more quickly. †
  • If you have children going to school, make the transfer during holidays in order that the change wonít be sharp, but easy for adaptation to changes.
  • You should not leave for the last minute the topic of your new work. It would be better for you finding a job offer before your moving.
  • Regarding the income taxation, it is normally collected by the employer of the tax agency and varies for 10% to 40% depending on income. If you do not want to complicate with tax laws, we recommend you to hire a tax agency.
  • Another aspect that you must consider is about the education in England. The state funds education elementary, middle and high for all people between 5 to 16 years and is compulsory. There are polytechnics and universities funded by state or private investment.
  • The state also finances the medical attention but only for residents and it covers drugs, eye exams, dental treatment. Low-income families are exempted from paying attention even with specialized medical consultation for which there is waiting list. In addition there are reciprocal agreements with other countries for medical care as Australia and Eastern European Countries.
  • Bank accounts are difficult to open because banks have created new regulations for the opening of accounts that involve delay. However, it would be advisable to seek a bank having a branch in England so it wouldnít be necessary to do too much processing. The last alternative would be to have cash and then open an account with more tranquility.
  • Ensure that our most important possessions are adequately protected; if itís possible store them in the bank, so you wonít have more worries.
  • If you have any illness or a sick family member need to take medicines, make sure that you bring them during the trip and for the first days of stay in case that she/he cannot adapt quickly to the change.
  • It is advisable to have a list of the most important boxes and bag packed to find our belongings easily.
So, it's time to start to search and compare Moving Companies in England.

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