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Mail in England

The Royal Mail is the UK's main delivery service for smaller items (letters, large letters and packets). You can find full details about the Royal Mail's services at http://www.royalmail.com

To sent parcels by post. Parcelforce Worldwide is the main parcel delivery service. A package sent abroad which contains only printed papers which weigh up to 5 kilograms can be sent at the cheaper letter postage rates, but any other package weighing over 2 kilograms will be considered to be a parcel. The cost of the service depends of the size of the parcel.

Post Office handles retail services to the public and provides range of postal and financial services. As well as postal services, main post offices may be able to provide you with packing materials, TV licence and other official application forms, and may offer some banking services (for example: bill payment, foreign exchange, money transfer, travel insurance).

A postcode for instance: CB12 3BT, identifies the exact location of an address in the UK (similar to a "zip code" in the US). To find a postcode from any city or place in the UK you can find it at Royal Mail Website

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