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MBA Programs in England

What is a MBA Program?

An MBA is one of the most sought-after and important postgraduate degrees in the world. MBA are the initials for Master in Business Administration, this is a challenge for students who are looking forward to gaining an edge in the business world in a variety of different markets and companies. The purpose of an MBA program is to develop different kinds of skills in many areas of knowledge such as business.

Why study a MBA course?

Despite its great value and its popularity most students are not sure about pursuing an MBA degree, but one can see that an MBA program offers a variety of benefits for students, including:
  • An MBA gives student valuable knowledge in the different business areas, students learn business concepts and strategies which students will use in real life.
  • Leadership is another skill that an MBA program develops because it involves rigorous training which gives students the required abilities to face business challenges.
  • An MBA program will increase your salary.
  • The main companies and corporations all over the world are recruiting the best professionals and they prefer to employ people who hold an MBA degree in managerial positions.
  • After getting an MBA degree people surely expect to get a better job an also a higher salary.

MBA in United Kingdom

Most students want to study abroad because they want to improve their knowledge and one of the main countries where student want to study is definitely the United Kingdom. The UK is renowned worldwide because some of the most important universities all over the world are located there.

Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and London Business School offer a variety of MBA courses which rank among the best at MBA rankings, these kinds of courses offer many kinds of advantages such as its duration because the duration of an MBA is one year as compared to the two years in the USA.

This is a list of top-ranked UK business schools and MBA programs:
  • London Business School.
  • Cranfield School of Management.
  • Manchester Business School.
  • Ashridge Management College.
  • Universidad del Centro de Gestión de Bradford.
One must keep in mind that there are no official rankings available for UK´s business schools but all of them are considered as the best in the world.

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