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Taxis are a good an economical option for groups of people sharing the fare, the black cabs are common in London and have an illuminate yellow sign over the widescreen, although nowadays not all cabs are black. The black taxi cabs can be pre-booked or hailed on the street and the fares are very complex to calculate because there are many factors like the time and traffic conditions.

An alternative to black cabs are Minicabs. The minicabs may offer space for more passengers than a black taxi; traditional taxis can seat 5 passengers, while minicabs seat from 4 (most common) to 7 people. These cabs are unmarked, and those must be called by telephone from a Licensed Private Hire Operator. To get the numbers of licensed minicab and Black Cab firms send the text 'HOME' to 60835 i it will return the available service numbers of the area where you are texting from.

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