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London properties

If you’ve already decided to move to London or visit this wonderful city, one of the first things that you have to do is to obtain information about London properties and how the housing market works. 
While you are in London, there are several places that you may visit and many things to do there such as: shopping, eating in a good restaurant, taking an afternoon tea and why not, exploring London by foot. Walking in London can be a great experience and it is the best way to meet new people, but you still have to find an house. London properties are varied, and  they offer advantages like:
  • Excellent view – Almost all the houses in London offer a beautiful view because the construction of them was planned to provide the best for the householder.
  • Perfect location – All the houses in London are located in the best places; you just need to pick a house around the area that you find interesting.
  • The construction – The construction of houses in the city is great; almost every building is regulated, and the solid work of architects and builders guarantee wonderful buildings. Just do a property search and you will find nice houses and apartments in London to rent or to buy.
There are over three million dwellings in London. The housing market offers a wide variety of types of properties as: flats, houses, maisonettes and bungalows. There are also different types of tenures such as: owner occupied, shared ownership, privately rented and socially rented.
London properties
Keep in mind that buying a property is an activity that most people make only once in their life, for this reason, it is important that when you buy a property you have to know that you’re okay with living around the area. This means that you have to check the environment, see if there is any access to public transportation and local services.
If you are from England, and you have secured your housing or you’ve already found a place to stay, it would be a nice idea to plan your tour by walking; it is recommended to look for a map. They are generally available in any store, but you will definitely find one in the tourism office.
Something that you may have to consider when you are visiting a place like London is to buy travel insurance because buying a house means that there are some risks such as lost of luggage, robbery, trip cancellation, etc.

London places

When you are in London, you may want to visit some places. If you carry a map with you, you will not get lost. Among the places that are located in the city of London, you can visit:
  • Westminster palace and Big Ben - This palace was the residence of the king Enrique VIII, and now it is called the Houses of Parliament. This palace and its famous clock “The Big Ben” are known because they appear in almost all the postcards of the city. 
  • London Tower - It is a fortress from another time; it was a place for refuge to many kings.
  • Buckingham Palace - It is the official residence for the monarch of England in London.
  • Westminster Abbey - It is one of the most visited churches of England; it is also the main Anglican Cathedral in London.
  • San Paul’s Cathedral - It is the most impressive church in London, and the dome is one of the most representative places in England.
  • British museum - It is one of the best museums of the entire world; it has the bigger collection of historical objects in the world.
  • London Eye - It is a wheel of 135 m, and if someone climbs to the magnificent cabins, one can enjoy the most beautiful views of London. 
  • The bridge of The Tower - This bascule bridge is named because of its closeness to the tower of London. The bridge is one of the most popular places in London.
  • Hyde Park - It is a relaxing place in London; there are several concerts and presentations in this park.
  • Museum of Natural History - The entrance to this magnificent museum is free, and it shows a large variety of articles that teach us the history of earth.
Walking around this magnificent city is rewarding. There are a lot of options in this city to relax. You can practice sports like: football, golf, swimming, skiing, etc. Enjoy England; it is beautiful.

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