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London Weather

Foggy, smoggy days in London are a thing of the past, and London’s reputation for variable weather is undeserved.

Spring (March – May)
Temperatures fluctuate from around 10 to 15°C. You might enjoy wonderful sunny weather but then, it might equally be cold and wet! Bring a good mix of clothing – a sweater and overcoat for the coldest days... and short sleeves for warmer May days. You probably won't need your shorts and summer gear, though – bring some rainwear in case you’re unlucky.

Summer (June – August)
Summer can get warm, whether it’s dry or wet, as temperatures average around 20°C, and often go higher. Londoners head to the parks to soak up the rays... but prepare for occasional showers. Bring a light raincoat in case of summer showers, and although you'll probably get the chance to put on your shorts or summer dresses, but bring something a little warmer for the evenings.

Autumn (September – November)
Temperatures fluctuate around the 10 to 15°C mark - come prepared for variable weather... but it may well be wonderful. September may well have an ‘Indian summer’ flavour, so bring light clothing just in case. Bring warmer clothes and rainwear for October and November. A warm overcoat may well be needed in November.

Winter (December – February)
Temperatures average 6°C and rarely fall below freezing in the city. It’s unusual to see snow in London but on the coldest days, there’s often a frost. The weather is generally dry but there can be periods of very heavy and prolonged rain. Bring warm clothes including an overcoat, gloves, a scarf and hat. Stout footwear is also a must as puddles are common.

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