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London, as the capital of United Kingdom has a quite interesting history that traces back to ancient times, over 200 years. The name of London is said that comes from a Celtic word Llyn that is pronounced Lun (means Lake) and din (means hill). However, you’ll see each period of London history represented in every corner of the city and the museums located here.

In this section of London Travel Guide we offer you detailed information of some of the most important periods of London History, with detailed information of events and facts happened in London during its earlier times to modern times, until it became into a financial and cultural capital. The periods are: Roman Londinium, Saxon London, Norman and Medieval London, Tudor London, Stuart London, London 18th Century, London 19th Century, London 20th Century.

London History
Roman Londinium Saxon London Norman and Medieval London
Roman Londinium
Roman Londinium is the first period of time of history of London.
Saxon London
The period after Romans left the city is Saxon London.
Norman and Medieval London
The norman and medieval London period of history infuelced greatly in their culture.
Tudor London Stuart London London 18th Century
Tudor London
Period in which Tudor, took little interest in enhancing London
Stuart London
Stuart London is the Period in which the Great Plague and the Great Fire happened.
London 18th Century
Period with great changes for London and the culture.
London 19th Century London 20th Century
London 19th Century
London became a poweful city in politics and economy.
London 20th Century
the continuous and rapid growth of the city of London

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