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Considered as one of the gay and lesbian culture capital in the world, in London the mayor concentration of gays and lesbian is in Soho. The gay scenes has been growing in London for about 10 year, and now they are really a community and count with any type of services aimed specifically at the gay and lesbian community, actually there are more than 150 bars, pubs, cafés and clubs that serving to gay and lesbian community. There are over 500 gay and lesbian organizations.

Nowadays the gay and lesbian community has their own venues and events to entertainment, fabulous shopping, clubs and bars to suit all tastes, and cosmopolitan cuisine. One of the mayor annual events is the EuroPride that is Europe’s largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender celebration, which takes place every summer.

Soho is without doubt the principal center of gay and lesbian community, the proliferation of gay venues there, has made of Soho the best place for gays and lesbian people, with many pubs, clubs, saunas and much more.

Gays in England
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Helplines & Information
Information for gay people interested in visiting London.
Cafes, Bars & Pubs
Find the best cafes and pubs in this vibrant city.
Tea Dances
Tea Dances available for your entertainment also in London
Information for gay people interested enjoying some time in a club.

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