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England Travel Guide

Living in England

Living in England will be a new and great experience especially if you know what this country can offer. England is one of the most important countries in the world because of the quality of life in the zone. There are different factors: the country that makes it such an important place and that it offers such a quality life, such as:
  • Economy

    Perhaps it is the most important parameter to measure the quality of life in every country and England has one of the most important and largest in the entire world. There are some specific sectors where England is the most important producer or where England acquires more benefits such as:
    • Leader of chemical sector.
    • Pharmaceutical sector.
    • Technical industry, that involves aerospace technology, weapon technology and manufacture side of the software technology.
  • Education

    England offers the highest quality of education in the north hemisphere, education in England comprehends the following levels:
    • Nursery school.
    • Primary school.
    • Secondary school (option to extend 2 years in order to attend to sixth form collage).
    • Sixth form collage (junior college).
    • College education (before attending to it a GCSE exam must be taken. That is the general certificate of secondary education).
    • Colleges in England are the most important in the whole world, for example in 2010 the University of Cambridge score was first in the U.S News and World Reportís Best University Rankings, based on the QA Word University Rankings. If you are looking for the best business school in Europe, England offers many of them.
  • Science and technology

    As home of the most important representative persons of science and mathematical fields, England is one of the most important countries in the world. Since education is recognized not only because of the formation level but for the research that universities do, science and technology on the country are pretty important.
  • Transportation

    The whole country is connected by different routes and in different ways, for example:
    • Roads, they are separated in two, motor ways and truck roads; they run the entire country and they connect almost every city of England.
    • Railways, the oldest in the world that provides not only the country transportations but also international transportation (links to Belgium and France through the Channel Tunnel that is an undersea connection by train).†
  • Healthcare

    Most of the healthcare is provided by the NHS (National Healthcare System). It provides most of the services to people from England for free, because of a well designed system of taxation.
Living in England

England is the perfect place for living and getting a house in the country is not an easy task. First it is recommended that you begin choosing a city of the country, as there are many important cities on it, you have to consider the most important ones, such as: London, Leeds, Cambridge, etc.†

Houses en England

Leeds is one of the most important cities of England because it is the largest centre of business, legal and financial services, and the business market is the best in Europe. That is why houses in Leeds are so wanted and also why the property market is so good. There are a lot of kinds of properties in Leeds, from houses to commercial properties, and from properties to rent in Leeds to properties for sale. The best way to get a house in Leeds is to visit the real estate agencies in the area, some of the most important are:
  • Sell Property Online†
  • Property auctions†
  • UK Investment Property
Houses in Leeds

It is also recommended that you check every real estate agency background. If you decide to choose Leeds for living you will make the right choice.†

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