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The weather in Liverpool, as other cities of England, is variable. However in Liverpool, the mild climate with high humidity is predominant. Therefore, in the winter are present the rainfalls and the excessive cold, inclusive, in this time can fall snow. In spring Liverpool has a fresh weather with little wind. Otherwise, summers are very hot and in autumns the weather is warm but rainy. For this reason carry with you’re a rain jacket or a windbreak is necessary.

More specifically, the weather is cold between November and February with an approximate temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. From April to September the weather is soft with 18 degrees Celsius approximately. Between July and August the weather reach the 30 degrees Celsius, this time is the favorite of Tourist and visitors who want take a walk by Liverpool. Below we bring you a graphic of the Liverpool weather evolution during the year.

Temperatures in Liverpool range from 1.6 to 20.35 (Celcius).
Liverpool Temp

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