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Liverpool is an important port city inside London. Actually Liverpool is the second port city in England, after London. In this way the city has a great Financial and economy development with accelerated growth of its population. Therefore, Liverpool with more than 439.473 habitants and a density of 10,072.5/sq mi, is a big city, but also hospitable, too. The city is located in Lancashire County and has an area of 43.2 sq mi.

Liverpool is famous around the world by the historical rock band “The Beatles” and the successful football club “Liverpool”, However Liverpool is not only rock and football, the city has many places and ones declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, besides the city receive many names and titles, one of them “Liverpool's maritime mercantile city”. Know more about Liverpool below.

Albert Dock
Anglican Cathedral
Metropolitan RC Cathedral
Tate Liverpool
Pier Head
Merseyside Maritime Museum

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