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Pier Head, Liverpool

The Pier Head is one of most important points of Liverpool's history, the waterfront feature 3 striking buildings known as the Three Graces, the Royal Liver Building built in 1911, the Cunard Building in 1916 and the Port of Liverpool Building in 1907.

The Pierhead stands between the North and South docks (Albert Dock) and is an important Liverpool landmark, constantly changing with a proposal currently being considered to link the Leeds & Liverpool canal to the Albert Dock.

The buildings dominate the waterfront when it is seen from the opposite bank of the river, or as one approaches by ship to Liverpool, they form a row along the north bank of the river Mersey flanked by several miles of docks. The three buildings are situated in the context of great warehouses to the north and south. Their plots were created at the beginning of the 20th century as a result of municipal enterprise to improve the river frontage. Each building stands on a separate plot, and is expressed in a different architectural style, rich in symbolic ornamentation. Together they combine impressively to form a group of outstanding presence.

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