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Metropolitan RC Cathedral

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King usually referred just as Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral with its modern, circular design and glorious multi-coloured windows is a Roman Catholic Cathedral opened in 1967 and the seat of the Archbishop of Liverpool, the spiritual leader of the Northern Province of the Catholic Church in England

Located opposite on Hope Street opposite to the Anglican Cathedral, although both are dedicated to Christ, the Anglican is dedicated to Christ and the Blessed Virgin and the Catholic one to Christ the King.

Also known by the locals as Paddy’s Wigwam, the RC Cathedral was designed by Sir Frederick Gibberd after a competition was held inviting 300 entries from all over the world.

Its construction began in October 1962 and within five years it was completed and consecrated on the Feast of Pentecost, 14 May 1967, built on land adjacent to the crypt. Its circular plan was conceived as a response to the Second Vatican Council's requirements for a greater participation of the lay faithful in the sacred liturgyDating from the 1930s, the majestic barrel vaults of fine brickwork and granite pillars in the original Lutyens Crypt offer a sharp contrast in architectural styles.

The Cathedral opens from 8.00am to 6.00pm, but closed at 5.00pm on Sundays in winter. There is no charge for admission but a contribution to the upkeep of the building would be appreciated.

Photography is permitted in the Cathedral except during Services.

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