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Albert Dock, Liverpool

The Albert Dock is Liverpool's major tourist attraction with over 4 million of visitors each year, is the most visited attraction in U.K. outside London.

Opened in 1846 by the Prince Albert, showcases the best of Liverpool in a stunning World Heritage waterfront setting, with exclusive bars and restaurants to craft shops, television studios and museums you can find it all at the dock. In addition there are many attractions including Tate Liverpool, Liverpool Duck Tours, The Beatles Story exhibition, and The Merseyside Maritime Museum.

The Albert Dock was the first structure built entirely of cast iron, brick and stone in the U.K. and the first enclosed non-combustible dock warehouse system in the world. In 1848 it was upgraded to feature the world's first hydraulic warehouse hoist system.

Closed in 1972 the dock was redeveloped in the early 1980s by the Merseyside Development Corporation; this work included rebuilding a top corner of a warehouse which had been knocked off by a World War II bomb.

The Albert Dock is open 7 days a week from 10am and general admission to the complex is free. Parking is available for 1,200 vehicles.

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