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Leeds is a city that has an oceanic temperate climate, its weather is moderate by the seas that surrounding England and the warm Gulf Stream. In Leeds is rare feel extreme temperatures, are very few the season where one feels too hot or cold. The minimum temperatures are present during the months of December, January and February with a constant of 2 degrees Celsius. Otherwise the maxims temperatures are located during July and August with indicators of 22 and 23 degrees Celsius.

An additional note, in Leeds rain frequently during all year and these rainfalls are moderate, for this reason, the rainfalls can occur in any season of the year. In this way, if you want travel Leeds is necessary carry with yours Outwear and woolens clothes besides of Windbreaker and coat that are an obligation to any tourist and tourist who want visit this beautiful city. Belo you will find complete information of the Leeds.

Temperatures in Leeds range from 1.25 to 20.8 (Celcius).
leeds Temp

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