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The City of Leeds

Leeds considered as the second most important financial centre of the country, has a great variety of things to do and see, many attractions to explore, and many facilities to makes comfortable you stay in the city. With over 11 million visitors each year, Leeds is an excellent place to enjoy, offering excellent nightlife, great shopping, fascinating architecture and world renowned sports venues.

Situated on the River Aire, the first Leeds settlement dates back nearly 2,000 years ago as a small Roman camp called Cambodunum. Centuries later, during 7th century, more exactly, was when Leeds began to have some importance as residence of the Northumbrian King Edwin. At 1207 Leeds finally gained its charter as a City.

During the medieval ages, Leeds grew and established in importance as a wool town and becoming the greatest center of cloth trade in the region. Industrial advancements have played a great role in the development of the city, with the introduction of steam power leading to the development of the coalfields to the south. Other innovations allowed the continued growth of its textile industry, as well as the rapid development of such upstart industries as printing, tailoring, and engineering.

Today Leeds is considered as the capital of the North of England, offering a huge range of attractions and facilities like shops, stores and cafes to enjoy. A combination of this prosperity and Leeds fascinating history make it one the most popular and interesting cities to visit in England and Europe. It truly is a cosmopolitan city with over 75 nationalities of people living there and a population of over 700,000 people

Within the best of the city we found, the Leeds Town Hall a fine monument to the pride of the Victorian era, opened in 1858 by Queen Victoria., The Corn Exchange, one of Britains finest Victorian buildings, that was designed by the late great Cuthbert Brodrick The Edwardian Kirkgate Market and Kirkstall Abbey which dates back to Medieval times. With over 100 bars, 25 night clubs and 75 restaurants just in the city centre, Leeds is famous for its lively night life and cultural scene.

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