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Royal Armouries Museum

The Royal Armouries Museum opened in 1996, is one of the worlds great museum's with 8,000 spectacular exhibits, covering 3000 years of human development from pre-historic times to the modern advanced technology.

The museum exhibits a collection of weapons and armour unrivalled by any other place in the world. There are a collection of pre-historic weapons used for hunting and war all brought to life with the aid of modern technology.

The Museum is spread in the five galleries open to the public including a medieval tower with an Edwardian arms room where you can listen to incredible stories of the big-game hunters of the era.

Outside of the building is the first authentic jousting ring built in England for over four centuries. Here, you can watch jousting tournaments just as they were in days of yore, you can also see a demonstration of hunting dogs and falcons in flight, hear the thundering of horses’ hooves when they charge, and smell the gunpowder during a perfectly rehearsed military exercise.

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