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The Lancaster Castle with Roman beginnings dating back of almost 1000 year old, there are remains of roman times building, is located in a strategic position on the hill overlooking the city of Lancaster and the River Lune, is one of the best preserved and hardest working castles in the country and one of Europe’s oldest serving prisions. The castle is owned by by Her Majesty the Queen who is the Duke of Lancaster.

The Lancaster Castle through its history has had many historic episodes. The Assize Courts where prisoners were sentenced to transportation and sent to Australia is still standing. Perhaps the most famous event that happened in the Castle is the trial of the Pendle Witches, who were sentenced to death at the castle. Also George Fox, the founder of the Quaker movement, was imprisoned in the castle for two years.

The castle exhibitions include the County Court with coats of arms of the county sheriffs that go back almost a thousand years. Famous cases, such as the 'Handless Corpse' gangland trial and the infamous 'Birmingham Six' mistrial were held here and the trapdoor where steps lead down (hence the expression 'to get sent down') from the defendants' dock to the cells.

Deeper in the Castle are exhibits the ancient dungeons and instruments of interrogation, slavery and execution, each of which have their wierd, sad and fascinating stories.

Some of the castle is off-limits to tourists - because it's also a 'Category C' Prison housing over 200 prisoners.

There are frequent guided tours and several events during the year like the Georgian festival in summer and the excellent firework display.

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