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Insurance in England

Insurances are contracts between a person and a company, in which the person that acquires the policy pays an amount of money for the insurance monthly. By the pay of this money the company compromises itself to attend the costumer (if the clauses of the contract are fulfilled).

There are different kinds of Insurances: car insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, home insurance and life insurance.

All kinds of insurances have one purpose only, to secure the life and belongings of the person that contracts the insurance. But one must be careful since insurances are business and you got to find out what the clauses of the contract say and if the price is correct or not.

Types of insurances

For example if you buy a car Insurance, the contract might say that if the car is robbed in some circumstances you may get a little amount of money and if you look for another companies the contract might say that you get more money; or if it is a fully home Insurance (building insurance and content insurance), and the price of the building insurance and the content insurance added separately make a lower price, it is better to buy them separately, although itís not in all the cases but it is always better to find it out.

Life insurance is pretty important too. Since the expectance of death is higher than before, if you want to protect your family and left them some money before your last journey; you might consider buying one.

Health insurance, we think that no one is free of illness or accident, thatís why health insurance is maybe the most important of all insurances. Ok maybe be careful is a surplus, but since it is the most acquired insurance, the companies make lots of money. So be extra-careful with the contract and always be prepared and ready for emergencies.

Travel insurance, perhaps is not the most popular, but it is the one that offers you the most comfortable journey. You are not going to be thinking in nothing else than enjoy the trip and learning the best of the new nation of locations that you are visiting.

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