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Health Care in England

The Healthcare in England is universal because it covers all permanent resident of the country and it’s free as they pay the general taxes for it. The public health system is financed by the National Health Service (NHS), which uses the general taxation, the national insurance contributions and other user charges. By the other hand, the private sector of medical care offers higher standards of comfort but a lesser set of treatments; therefore, many of the patients are treated in NHS hospitals where the patient or the insurance company is billed.

The Parliament of Westminster has the responsibility of the health legislation and policy matters and there are other Departments that have the responsibility to ensure the quality of health services of public and private providers such as The Commission for Social Care Inspection, The Healthcare Commission, and the Mental Health Act Commission.
Health is very important and should take care at all times, whether exercising at least three times a week to maintain a balanced diet. Having a good index of body fat (here yo ucan try a body fat calculator) as well as good food, fresh vegetables, oily fish, fruits, etc.

Healthcare schools

The Healthcare System includes the access to health to all public schools to protect and promote the health of students and children around the country.

Medical schools  

Medical schools in England

The development of the medicine career includes the diagnosis, the correction and the treatment or prescriptions to treat any disease, injury, deformity or other physical or mental condition suffered by human beings. In medical schools you will receive comprehensive and detailed information about the most prestigious England schools. Also, you can find specialized courses for undergraduate programs and medical certifications.

Nursing schools  

Nursing schools in England

The nursing schools promote the formation of nursing professionals with innovative and competitive knowledge that will engage them in the service of the patients. In England, the nursing schools are distinguished by being competitive and qualified institutions that guarantee you to have an international academic recognition with the highest level of education.

Pharmacy schools  

Pharmacy schools in England

We’d like to show you how our pharmacy schools can help you to achieve your professional and personal aspirations. You should have the opportunity to deepen your pharmaceutical career through training programs such as physiology and health, nutrition, medicine and health as well as other postgraduate courses that allow a comprehensive education in health.

Dental schools  

Dental schools in England

The teeth serves as a great source of information to determine the age, sex, disease’s evolution as well as the socioeconomic status and quality of life of all human beings. Dental schools aim to train all students who wish to follow a career in dentistry by pursuing specialized courses such as dental anatomy, dental surgery, dental reconstruction and training for dental technicians; giving students the opportunity to carry their specialized studies in oral medicine.

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