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Golf in England

Golf is a sport of precision and skill in which players compete trying to dunk the ball on every hole of a golf course with the least amount of strokes possible. In this sport there’s not a standard size for the area used to play; courses come in every shape and extent; they can be highly intricate or small and basic, but they should always have eighteen holes to be official. When it comes to golf courses though it’s necessary to use fields with a unique design, these courses usually consist of nine or eighteen holes.

Golf competitions

Golf competitions keep a stroke play (golf’s scoring system) by keeping count of the amount of strokes that players take to complete one full turn, then the player or team with fewer strokes wins the game. The golf course consists of a series of holes, each of which has two markers that show the limits of the legal area, fairway and green. Levels of grass on the playing field can vary to increase the difficulty or contribute to the implementation of the green.

While many holes are designed in a straight line, there are areas where they can turn left or right; these are known as a "dogleg”, they can be right, left or double. Golf schools focus on teaching you how to manage these difficulties along many facilities for beginners.

Golf lessons

In golf lessons, learners practice with nine straight holes in two stages, completing the normal circuit of eighteen holes. Golf courses are currently incorporating much of the natural landscape as dunes or small streams in addition to several sceneries to increase the difficulty of the game.

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