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England Travel Guide

Getting Around England

England has a one the largest railway network in the world which includes a couple of beautiful lines through sparsely populated country. England is well serviced by roads, ports, and airports. However the public transport would be pretty expensive. The cheapest way to get around England is using buses or coaches that are numerous and operate on all over the country, but they are slower than trains.

Taxis are plentiful in main cities. 'Black Cabs' are also common and can be hailed from the side of the road. Also another option would be Car hire considering to explore the countryside and villages.

England has many hundreds of miles of Public Footpaths which allow free and unrestricted access into every county. British law protects the rights of pedestrians and these established footpaths. Many of these paths traverse private lands, and by statute, landowners may not impede the travel of a pedestrian or alter the paths course.

Getting around England
England By Air England by Train England by Bus
By Air
Airports, airlines and other useful information for getting aroudn England.
By Train
England train lines, and routes for an England trip.
By Bus
You can get around England by traditional buses, with great experiences
England By Car
By Car
Find useful information for getting around by car, including routes.

Driving schools

Driving schools in England

Welcome to the driving schools, our only goal is to contribute with the education and training in driving of motor vehicles, this purpose we carry out through a variety of courses and class information management by professionals and qualified instructors, driving classes, defensive driving, first aid and light engineering. We have the most effective teaching tools, giving the student confidence and ability to drive a vehicle.

Traffic schools

Traffic schools in England

Traffic schools provide information about schools, colleges and courses that are geared to the traffic problems in recent years, in order for drivers acquire concepts and techniques that enable them to cope with security, confidence and responsibility in the automotive field and variable traffic situations.

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