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York is one Englandís most treasured historic cities. Located in North Yorkshire, at intersection of two rivers, the Ouse and the Foss, the city of York has built on Viking, Saxon and Roman foundations and still preserves its beautiful medieval architecture and attracts to thousands of visitors each year.

Amongst its historical attractions the most remarkable landmark is York Minster, which is the largest and finest Gothic cathedral in Europe, built between 1220 and the late 15th Century.

Another popular area of York is The Shambles, probably the most famous street in York and the most well preserved street in England. The Shambles represents an important era in York's history, along the street there were medieval butcher shops and still are remains like the hooks used to hang meat. Nowadays the street homes shops, tea rooms and small boutiques.

York also has numerous museums and galleries to visit; being one of York's most famous tourist attractions the National Railway Museum. The National Railway Museum homes a vast array of historical transport material and boasts the largest collection of railway automotives in the world. Other attractions include the Yorkshire Museum and Gardens, Richard III Museum, the York Dungeon and the Castle Howard.

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