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South East

South East region covers the southern part of England, except London, comprising the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Kent, Isle of Wight, Surrey, Oxfordshire, East Sussex, West Sussex. This region has a mixture of historical cities, tranquil villages, fascinating landscapes and a vast coastal line.

England’s South East has much to offer to the visitors, its great history and heritage still surprise to foreigners and locals with strong royal connections, royal residences, stately homes, castles and fortresses such as Fishbourne Roman Palace in Chichester, 12th-century Canterbury Cathedral and spectacular castles such as Leeds Castle in Kent or Windsor Castle, the Official Residence of Her Majesty The Queen, as well as beautiful gardens and parks, and the best resort along the seaside.

Kent known as the “Garden of England” is one of the most important counties in this part of the country, offering delightful gardens like the world famous Sissinghurst; farmland, orchards, interesting towns, pretty villages, dramatic coastline and picturesque countryside. There are many things to see in Kent from romantic castles, historic houses and stately castles to starring collections in the Museums. Dover is one of the most popular destinations in Kent, famous for its White Cliffs, within its features includes the Norman Castle, the finest Norman castle in Europe, the remains of the Pharos, and many historical museums.

Brighton considered the most popular of the south-east resorts, famous for its relation with the Prince Regent, who established his residence there and constructed the marvelous Royal Pavilion, one of the most extravagant castles in Europe. Also has splendid 19th-century terraces and crescents, two piers, the 'Lanes' area of antique shops, a museum and an art gallery. Brighton features a vibrant nightlife with many restaurants, pubs and clubs.

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