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Education in England

England is one of the most important countries in Europe; the educational system of England is very peculiar. The British government has created the Department of Education that is responsible of managing education. A highest percentage of children studies in state schools, British kids are required by law to study until they are 16 years old.

Compulsory school is for kids aged between 5 years and 16 years across England, but children aged between 0 years and 2 years can attend nurseries, child minders and pre-school playgroups, this kind of education can be provided by homeschooling, state schools, and public or independent schools (private education). All state schools must follow the National Curriculum which is a standard in British Education. Schools must register with the Department of Education to go through official inspections.

Primary schools are for children aged between 5-11 years, primary school begins with Foundation Stage for Infants; the middle stage is called Key Stage 1 and the final stage is Key Stage 2. Children begin the secondary school when they are 12 years old.The secondary school is the final stage of compulsory education, when children finish this stage they have to take an examination which is called the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education). This exam determines whether a student is eligible for university or not.

Some students, after completing the GCSE, leave school; most teenagers decide to begin their studies at University, others choose to study in a collage such as a business school, because many of the most important business schools of the world are located in England. Universities are very competitive in England, they have a strict curriculum.

British universities

Most British universities are ranked in international university rankings, some of these universities are Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, The University of London, etc. These British universities are recognized around the world, they have Nobel winners as university teachers and they do many research works. University courses are targeted to develop, enhance and exploit university students' skills.

England is the favorite destination for many foreign students; many British universities offer special university programs for them. If one has the opportunity of living and studying in England, one may study in a British university, because this is the best option. Most British universities are over American universities.

The British educational system in the best in Europe and so the Education in England is the most competitive around the world, this educational methodology turned England into the country it is nowadays.

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