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The City of Durham

Durham is the main settlement and administrative centre of County Durham. Relatively small but Durham has quite history heritage, archeology and magnificent landscape, that make of it a worth place to visit.

Founded by a group of monks, Durham was a palatinate county governed by Bishops called “Prince Bishops” of Durham who were more or less the `Kings of County Durham' and has the absolute political power in the region, until in the mediaeval ages where the power was ceded to the crown.

The city is small easily to explore on foot, tracing Durham's mediaeval layout in the narrow winding streets. Away from the bustling town center, visitors find wooded riverbanks offering pleasant areas to stroll and take in views of the city.

Durham has a number of interesting small museums, providing fascinating insights into the colorful heritage and archaeology of the city and county, also provides a wide range of facilities, shops and restaurants that co-exist happily with the Victorian Market. Much of Durham’s shopping area is closed to traffic, making for a more relaxed atmosphere. The monthly Farmers’ Market is a welcome new addition to the events calendar where you can find fresh local specialities to take back home.

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