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The Dover Castle called as the “Key of England” is one of the oldest castles (12th century) in England, Dover castle is found in the seaside town of Dover. The Dover Castle has played important roles in the Britain’s history, especially in times of war, where was very important for the defense of the country. Dover castle is today, along with the white cliffs of Dover, one of the main tourist attractions to the town.

The first walls on the site of Dover castle date back to the Iron Age, likely used as a fortress before the arrival of the Romans. The remains of a Roman lighthouse (pharos) and an Anglo-Saxon church can be found inside. Dover castle was first built up during the reign of Henry II and has suffered of changes and additions over the years.

The Dover Cattle features a military museum that includes a great exhibit of WWII spy equipment. This is where to see the Secret War Time Tunnels that were used during the excavation of Dunkirk for Operation Dynamo and the Battle of Britain during WWII. The 200-feet-below-the-ground (60 meters) tunnels were originally excavated to house cannons to be used on Napoleon if he invaded.

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