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England Travel Guide


To enter to England you are allowed to bring some goods but they are regulated in two forms, for traveler form EU countries and for travelers from outside EU.

Nationals of EU who bring goods on which tax has been paid, you do not have to pay any tax or duty on them in the UK. However any alcohol or tobacco you bring in must be for your own use and transported by you, this includes goods for your own consumption and gifts.

If you bring in goods for resale, or for any payment, even payment in kind, they are regarded as being for a commercial purpose.

For travelers from EU country member is allowed to bring:

800 cigarettes
400 cigarillos
200 cigars
1 Kg smoking tobacco
110 litres of beer
20 litres of fortified wine
90 litres of wine
10 litres of spirits

Travelers from a non-EU country (including the Canary Islands, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar) can bring the following into the UK for your own use without paying UK tax or duty:

200 cigarettes
100 cigarillos
50 cigars
250g of tobacco
2 LITRES of still table wine
1 LITRE of spirits or strong liqueurs over 22% volume
2 LITRES of fortified wine*, sparkling wine or other liqueurs *such as port or sherry
60cc of perfume
250cc of eau de toilette
145 worth of all other goods including gifts and souvenirs

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