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England Travel Guide

England Costs, Money And Banks

The UK & England is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in Europe and worldwide. Particularly London can be very expensive for the budget traveler at least you will spend 30-40 for dorm accommodation, a one-day travel card and the most basic food preparation. Usually B&B is cheaper than hotels, staying in a hotel and eating restaurant meals you can easily spend £60-70 a day.

Transportation is also expensive, especially by trains, but there are some offers for travelers, which will reduce the cost in transport.

Costs, Money And Banks in England
Currency Currency exchange Travellers' checks
Money and currency used in England, and other useful information
Currency exchange
Currency Exchange of the currency used in England
Travellers' checks
If you use Traveller checks, find information here.
Credit cards
Credit cards
Credit information for people interested in using those in England

In England, banking and investment employers actively search for talented graduates to take the business forward and run graduate recruitment schemes to which you can apply directly. Most investment banks welcome graduates from all academic disciplines.

However, understandably, a prerequisite for most technology divisions are technical degrees or degrees with a significant IT component. Another important skill you need demostrate in an investment bank job application is a fast typing ability. The speed at which you type (Average WPM) could play a significant role in your career.

Investment banks consist of three main departments: front office, middle office and back office. Each department performs a unique function that helps the bank to make money, manage risk and remain operationally sound. And writing speed and accuracy is an essential skill in this job list.

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