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Chester is a beautiful and historic English city. It is located on the river Dee in the North-Western county of Cheshire counts with beautiful Roman Ruins and landscapes. Its major attractions are the cathedral because of its incredible architecture, the neighborhoods and walls of black-and-white architecture, and the Grosvenor Park with its fabulous landscape and the Minerva's Shrine, a Roman shrine to the goddess Minerva.

Chester is a small city in Chesire, easy to explore and with a lot to offer:

Chester Cathedral
It's a beautiful building with many attractions including sculptures and stained glass.

Chester Zoo
Chester zoo features over 8000 animals and species; it's a large zoological garden widely accessible.

Roman Gardens
Located near the city, it's a great place where one can learn from roman culture.

Chester Rows
It's a shopping zone since ancient times, visits to specific shops and streets can be made by walking.

Roman Anphitheatre
It's the largest amphitheatre in UK, you'll see what was an entertainment center in ancien times.

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