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Jesus College

The college founded in 1496 on the site of St Radegund's Nunnery is one of the few colleges to allow anyone to walk on the lawns of its courts, but with the exception of First Court, Cloister Court and the burial sites for deceased nuns from the original nunnery.

The 12th-century chapel, for example, is the oldest college building in the city; and the clatter of plates has echoed in the dining hall for over 800 years. Yet the college also includes sympathetically designed later buildings, modern sculpture and stained glass windows by William Morris, Ford Madox Brown and Augustus Pugin.

Jesus College is one of the more beautiful colleges and the highlight is the chapel is joined by a Norman gallery from the nunnery building, and the chancel is mostly 13th century. It was restored in the 19th century by Augustus Pugin and The painted ceiling of the nave was designed by Willia Morris, the windows in the nave and transepts were completed by Morris to a design by his friend and collaborator Edward Burne-Jones.

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