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The Imperial War Museum at Duxford

The Imperial War Museum Duxford is one of the world's largest collections of preserved military and civil aircraft and houses the Imperial War Museum's aircraft collection, ranging from WWI vintage biplanes to Spitfires, Concorde and Gulf War jets and also has a large collection of tanks, military and naval vehicles. The museum has seven main exhibition buildings with nearly 200 military and civil aircraft.

The largest collection of US aircraft outside America are in Duxford's American Air Museum designed by Norman Foster and contains a large collection of military aircraft from First World War biplanes to supersonic jets. It

Duxford also houses tanks, vehicles and artillery from the First World War to the Gulf war in the Land Warfare Hall.

Duxford frequently hosts airshows and special events throughout the year.

If you are interested to visit this spectacular museums there are regular free buses to the museum, from Crowne Plaza and from Cambridge Railway Station in the city.

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