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In Cambridge as all cites and region of England, the weather is very changeable, in this way, a nice day with sun could change to other with rains and cold. For this reason, carry with yours a windbreaker or rain jacket is necessary all the time. Generally, in Cambridge the rain falls every third day, however is usual the long dry seasons because Cambridge is located in London north where the summers, up to 30 degrees Celsius, are very hot and winters, up to minus 5 degrees Celsius, are very cold.

However, the tourist flow of Cambridge is high during all year; this fact is an example that the weather and its changes are a minor problem, in comparison to its great and amazing charms and attractions. The University City is available to receive visitants during all year. In conclusion, The weather in Cambridge invite you to take new experience, to change your way of seeing things and enjoy of the life, in Cambridge, of Course.

Temperatures in Cambridge range from 1.65 to 22.8 (Celcius).
Cambridge Temp

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