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Eating in Cambridge

Although Cambridge is a small city there a lot of option that covers all tastes, styles and prices. The demands of a hungry student population, visitors, locals and businessmen and women ensure that there are plenty of restaurants and pubs in Cambridge.

Cambridge offers masses of fantastic restaurants, pubs and cafes that makes definitely never be short of choice. Whether you want a romantic evening meal, a lively lunch out with friends, or a quick breakfast on the run, always it will have something what to choose.

In Cambridge centre the main areas for dining are Regent Street and Bridge Street. Regent Street tends to be noisier and family orientated with the big restaurant chains. Bridge Street, with the river Cam flowing nearby, is a more quiet setting for dining with quality of the restaurants.

Towards the Grafton Centre is the student area around Mill Road, where there are a great variety of the Indian restaurants. These tend to cater more for the student crowd and if itís just a good value curry and a beer you are after you can do much worse than check out the Curry Queen at 106.

Eating in Cambridge
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