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England Travel Guide

British shores

The name "England" is derived from the Old English name Engla land, which means "land of the Angles". The Angles were one of the Germanic tribes that settled in Great Britain during the Early Middle Ages. England is one of Europe's islands of greater economic development at present, among the most important activities in this area of the old continent have everything related to shipping, we can find from trading ports to the largest and most luxurious boat marinas for very expensive boats, whose owners take advantage of being in the country to take a few days and a walk in the cold sea that washes the British coast.

England is a great country with a history full of myths and legends, has been the scene of important passages in world history from centuries ago, due to the great dedication that have put people in coastal areas of maritime activities, many staff port members are working in the boating knots, since these depend on the safety of ships as well as its occupants or of the goods they carry. That is why many of the locals train their children in these arts from an early age so that they can gain more experience.

Puerto de Southampton

Fast boats in England

In terms of commercial vessels usually operate in this area are well known not only for the security they provide, but also by the speed with which for the carriage, is not uncommon to hear about the English fast boats which Indeed since ancient times have the story across the seven seas. Of course not forgetting the luxury and comfort that they have when it comes to transporting distinguished visitors.

Crucero Queen Elizabeth

As noted, in England we also find impressive yacht that not only serves to make nice trips which are also the perfect place to organize parties in the most casual of the sea. Many of these ships belong to distinguished flamboyant political figures or the European show, in addition to the billionaire investor, or even royal families show, in addition to the billionaire investor, or even royal families.

London bridge

Places to visit

Undoubtedly there are many beautiful places to visit in England, apart from its shores, among them we find London, whose attractions teach us the exquisite culture that gave birth to one of the greatest world powers; in London we can find the Buckingham Palace as well as the classic Westminster Abbey or the famous London Bridge.

Away from the city you can find magnificent medieval castles that evoke the most glorious in the UK, all of them surrounded by majestic fields that resemble the Tudor roses listed as national symbol of the European State.

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