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Bristol Industrial Museum

The Bristol Industrial Museum closed on 29 October 2006 due a project to transform it into a new museum will open in 2009, is situated in a large old transit shed on the Floating Harbour near Prince Street bridge. There are over 700 amazing and exciting exhibits telling the story of Bristol’s varied industrial past.

The Transport gallery relates the history and displays most forms of land transport. There are buses, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, carriages and the world’s first holiday caravan and a 1950’s equivalent.

The maritime history of the Port of Bristol is told with models, paintings and fascinating objects. There are marvellous views from the viewing balcony looking across the docks to the city beyond.

The Bristol and Transatlantic Slavery gallery tells the story of maritime exploration and the trade in slavery. It shows how Bristol profited from the trade between Britain, Africa and the Caribbean. It takes the visitor all the way from the history of the slave trade through to abolition.

The Print & Pack gallery tells the story of one of Bristol's biggest industries with exhibits of printing machinery and products.

Outside are the Museum's large exhibits. There are two tugs, the Mayflower and Pyronaut, and a fire-boat all in working order. The Pyronaut takes passengers around the Docks during the summer. The Fairbairn steam crane and a fire-boat are also working exhibits. The steam railway operated by two steam locomotives, the Portbury and Henbury, take passengers on a wonderful scenic route between the Bristol Industrial Museum and the SS Great Britain during the summer. The Lodekka bus takes passengers from the City Museum to the Industrial Museum for Sunday Fundays.

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