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Brighton is a coastal town in the south zone of England; the city has the most part of Brighton & Hove conurbation population. Since XVIII century the city was already an important tourist center, therefore the population of Brighton was increasing very fast. Nowadays the Brighton city has more than 156.000 habitants, of course regardless of the 324.000 habitants of its surroundings towns and villages. Besides Brighton receive an average of 8 millions of visitants and tourist per year.

Undoubtedly, Brighton has become in one of the city most largest in the England south, for this reason, if you visit the city for first time, carry with you a detailed maps of the city is important and necessary. Here, we bring you two detailed Brighton maps. The first one shows the location of City inside England and the second one shows the universities and interesting place of Brighton and Remember, Brighton is waiting for you.

Click on the maps of Brighton to enlarge them.

Brighton Map
Brighton Map
Brighton Map
Brighton Map

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