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Eating in Brighton

With over 400 restaurants and cafes in Brighton there is something to suit everyone’s taste bounds, from Chinese, Thai and Japanese to Italian, French and Spanish food where you can choose. Brighton has an interesting selection of dining spots and always there are new restaurants where to go eat out. You can find beachfront brasseries, exquisite seafood eateries, fish & chip cafes, traditional English dishes, chic café and bar culture and modern international menus at stylish, exquisite venues.

The main eating and drinking areas are located in The Lanes in the heart of old Brighton. The Lanes are predominantly pedestrian, with a few intersecting roads, and they are a good choice for both daytime shopping as well as evening outings.

Eating in Brighton
Cafés and bars in Brighton Restaurants in Brighton Pubs in Brighton
Cafés and bars in Brighton
Information on the vest cafes and bars in Brighton.
Restaurants in Brighton
Enjoy local and international food in Brighton.
Pubs in Brighton
Relax and meet new people in the pubs scattered around Brighton

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