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Nowadays Birmingham is working much to change its images in front of world. In this way Birmingham is not only the Second financial and industrial city inside England, otherwise is a tourist places with many charms to discover. Among the exclusive attractions in Birmingham, you will see Museum of Fine Arts, remodeled channels inclusive a chocolate factory. Besides of beautiful parks, extensive gardens and its downtown that is a pedestrian center.

Consequently, the city has many reasons to visit it. Amazing buildings like the bullring, the Barton Arms or the Warwick Castle. Green areas like the Millpon Garden at Warwick Castle. Surprising structures like the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Three Brindley or the Aston Webb building inside of Birmingham University and fantastic zones like the Victoria Square, the Wheel or the Selfridges are examples of the charms that Birmingham has to show us.

This page contains a large selection of Birmingham photos, city views, monuments, streets, attractions, etc.

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