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Colmore Row lies just to the west of the city centre's pedestrianized core with chain stores and shopping precincts lining up along Corporation, New and High streets. At the intersection of New and High streets is the distinctive Modernism of the whopping Rotunda, but its neighbour, the notorious Bullring indoor shopping centre, which fulfilled every miserable cliché about 1960s town planning, has finally been demolished.

At present, the Bullring is a giant building site rolling down the hill below the Rotunda, but its new incarnation - scheduled to be completed in 2003 - will consist of traditional streets and open spaces radiating out from St Martin's church. The church is currently a sooty heap, but underneath the grime it's actually a comely amalgamation of the Gothic and neo-Gothic, with fancifully carved decoration and a Burne-Jones window. Incidentally, the Bullring was where bulls used to be tethered and baited in the belief that if the animal died angry, the meat was better.

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