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Birmingham Weather

Birmingham enjoy of the best climate between May and September as other parts of England. However stormy periods always are present in anytime. Otherwise the season of more warmth is from July to August with temperatures around of 20 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. The spring is other perfect period to visit Birmingham, during March, April and May as the other season: the autumn when the cost of hotels, attractive places tickets, transportations, handcrafts inter alia are cheaper because the tourist flow of this station is very low.

The autumn has a warm climate and more pleasant that the spring. However the winter can be present until March and April, this season is known by its short days, intensive cold and snowfalls between January and February, besides the winter, here, can be really wet with rainfalls, too. In this way, Birmingham has a changing climate during all the year. For this reason is necessary carry with you extra clothes.

Temperatures in Birmingham range from 1.1 to 22.0 (Celcius).

Birmingham Temp

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