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Birmingham Travel Guide

Birmingham Travel Guide

Birmingham is Britain's second largest city, situated in the heart of England was one of the most important cities during the Industrial Revolution and proudly claims the title of “Brithplace of the Industrial Revolution”. It is a city of mixed cultures, beliefs and lifestyles and has recently become a fashionable place to set up a business or to hold a conference hosting the 80% of the all trade exhibitions in the country.

The city centre was destroyed during the Second World War, but recently Birmingham has undergone changes and the old buildings have been replaced. Main of the city now is for pedestrians and the canals cleaned up to make for attractive walkway. The city yet retains its industrial heritage but combined with the modernity, becoming a lively city. Birmingham has beautiful residential neighborhoods.

Birmingham has a plenty of cultural venues, restaurants, bars and pubs and there is always something to do and see. The cultural life is very rich with many museums, e.g. the Birmingham Museum and the Ikon Gallery are worth a visit, also many good theatres.

Recently Birmingham has become known as “Spaghetti Junction”, this because there are a massive complex of intersecting motorways, local roads, railway lines and canals that can be very complicated.

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