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The big country of England has different attractions in every kind of topic. The culture and history of England give all the richness that can show in everyplace, monument, museum, gallery and natural attractions. The diversity of the cultures in every city has an especial tonic for the country. Most of the people in England knows about its history and can describe the different events during the life of every monument and cultural attraction.

Gardens in England

Gardens in England One of the principal gardens in England is located in Sissinghurst Castle, the many different kind of flowers and other plants involve a really beautiful environment in those places. The other big center or place where can find numerous fields of flowers and plants is Gloucestershire. The oldest field of gardens in England is Stourhead and has a good maintenance, the other gardens are in Cornwall, Cotehele Lanhydrock.

Lake District

Lake District Lake District is a National Park with an extensive area; there are a group of fields for the different activities. The lake has around 500 activities during the year; many of these events are free. There are condoms around the National Park where the people can spend a really good time near to the lake, for holydays the people make plans for visit the National Park and enjoy the animal and plant diversity that contains in the Lake District, besides the beautiful landscapes and views all natural.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace The Buckingham Palace is the real home for the real family of England since 1837, in the last years become the headquarters of the Monarch, but sometimes is used with the queen for the especial events. The tourism for this place is really limited, but still more than 50 000 people visit the palace during the year, the majority of these people are invited for some lunch or dinner or especial event for the governed people of the other countries.

The Tower of London and the Crown Jewels

The Tower of London and the Crown Jewels The real name of the Tower of London is Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, was found in 1066 when was finishing the Norman invasion. This castle work like a lot functions, like the house of money, public registers, Armory, etc. There is a traditional history about the crown jewels, since Henry III, but the crown jewels house was changes and some houses was demolished and translate to the other towers, in some part of the history the crown jewelry was open to the public for the exhibition.

Historic England

This year has seen the eyes of the world focused on England with Queen Elizabeth IIís Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the hosting of the Olympic and Paralymic Games in London. It is widely thought that these occasions have given an opportunity to show the world what England and the UK has to offer. The backdrop of the Jubilee festivities and the subject of the opening and closing ceremonies portrayed a true celebration of British history and heritage that is on offer in England. Here is a list of attractions around the country that were celebrated at some point during this summerís celebrations:

The Capital

London provided the perfect backdrop to the majority of the Jubilee celebrations and this summerís games. With Buckingham Palace and The Mall being the setting for the Jubilee concert and the marathon it really became a hub for the two events. Other well-known attractions were showcased such as Tower Bridge and the Thames, Horse Guards Parade, the Millennium Dome, amongst others provided the perfect advertisement for what London has to offer. Add this to the number of museums and other attractions in the ďBig SmokeĒ and London really has become a place to visit.

Somerset and Englandís Great Wonders

Somerset is home to some of Englandís most thought about attractions. The main example of this is Stonehenge which was heavily referred to in the closing ceremony of the Paralympics and the depiction of the Summer Solstice Festival held within the historic stones. Stonehenge was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site simply for the mystery behind its construction, meaning and function. Nearby in the county is the Roman City of Bath and its spas, the natural wonder that is Chedder Gorge and the town of Glastonbury, well-known for its music and arts festival in the shadow of Glastonbury Tor. Somerset is an essential place to visit.

Saltaire and the Industrial Age

The main bulk of Danny Boyleís triumphant Olympic opening ceremony was based upon Englandís industrial age and a celebration of English manufacturing. There is nowhere that captures this age more than the northern City of Bradford that at its height became the wool capital of the world. Saltaire, a model town built as a perfect habitat for his workers by factory owner Sir Titus Salt, is now a UNESCO world heritage site for providing a perfect snapshot of industrial life in the 19th century.

Jersey and Remembering the Great Wars

In the Olympic opening ceremony, there was a touching tribute to the lives that have lost in the armed forces. There are few better places for first-hand experience about life in the war than in the Channel Islands. Under Nazi control for most of the Second World War, Jersey still bears the scars of this great conflict with many of the fortifications sanctioned by Adolf Hitler still visible. The best example of this is the great castle of Mont Orgueil which still features Nazi viewing towers. Visit www.macoles.com to plan and formulate your holiday to Jersey.

Blenheim Palace and Upper- Class England

During the Queenís Diamond Jubilee celebrations, much of Englandís upper class toffery was portrayed to the world. This might not necessarily be everyoneís cup of tea but really did show the world the tradition and heritage surrounding upper class English life. The 18th century Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, really is the best way to experience this lifestyle. One of Englandís largest and grandest houses set in a picturesque garden setting, home to the Duke of Marlborough, is also a display for some fine works of art. It really is worth a visit to capture upper class life within Englandís green and pleasant land.

Shakespeareís Stratford

Many of the Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies widely featured the words of Englandís most famous play right Ė William Shakespeare. His hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon really is a great visit for a celebration of this famous writers work. It also offers a glimpse into the life and upbringing of this genius with his birth home open to the public.

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